Restorative, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

We replace missing, broken or discolored teeth. If you feel embarrassed to smile or show your teeth in photos, tell us what you would like to change about your teeth and Dr. Barakat can guide you through treatment options to help you smile confidently again. In some cases, a simple professional whitening program may be the boost that your smile may need to look radiant. In others, contemporary white fillings or ceramic crowns, veneers or onlays, may be the solution to changing the shape or color of your teeth. 

Regardless of your goals, Dr. Barakat practices conservative dentistry, which aims to preserve as much of a tooth’s natural structure as possible. She will take time to understand your desired outcome and uses high quality professional grade photographs to better review treatment options.
If you are missing teeth, Dr. Barakat’s extensive background training in implant dentistry can help with replacing them. Just because a missing tooth doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t mean it isn’t causing a problem to your other teeth or to your jaw bone. Replacing missing teeth helps to balance your bite and improves your chewing efficiency. 
Implant dentistry is a popular and contemporary option for replacing missing teeth, but dental implants need to be planned with proper detail and precision. Dr. Barakat works with reputable specialists in the community to coordinate implant cases using only high quality implant materials and local California based laboratories. 


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