Preventive Dentistry

Our guiding practice principal is that if your mouth is not healthy neither is your overall health! Medications, medical conditions and lifestyle habits can all affect the health of our teeth, gums and jaws. Conversely, lesions or sores found in the oral cavity can be signs of systemic disease that may go undiagnosed and untreated, potentially affecting one’s general health. Missed check up hygiene appointments are missed opportunities to make sure your mouth and body are healthy. 
Every patient’s oral care needs are different. We support targeted and specific preventive measures to help prevent dental problems from becoming more serious and costly. Just because something doesn’t hurt doesn’t mean it is not causing harm to your teeth, gums and overall health. Examples of some of the conditions we routinely screen for are:
- Oral cancer and mouth lesions.
- Blood pressure checks
- Gum disease and gingivitis
- Tooth and root decay
- Bone loss
- Enamel weakening and acid erosion
- Gum recession
- Dry mouth
- Sensitive teeth
- TMJ disorders
We’ll work as a team to make sure any dental problems is caught early. Prevention and early detection of most dental problems are best! 
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