Our Safety Protocols


Dear Valued Patients..


We are happy to welcome our existing and new patients into our beloved practice again. We pledge to make you, our team and our community safe during your dental care in our practice and are proud to inform you of the additional precautions we are taking. 


We have always adhered to the strictest of infection control practices and guidelines by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the California Dental Association (CDA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) to prevent cross contamination, and will continue to monitor updates on any new rulings or guidance they may issue. In addition, to help reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, we have taken additional precautions to implement updated CDC/ ADA guidelines and protocols. To demonstrate our commitment to the health and safety of our patients and staff, we are sharing with you our CDC-based Infection and Illness Prevention Program enacted by our office. 


In addition to our Infection and Illness Prevention Plan, we have implemented new office protocols that ensure you can receive your dental care in a safe manner and that help our community reduce the spread of COVID-19. 


What To Expect At Your Dental Visit


  • -     We conduct pre-appointment COVID-19 screenings by telephone 2-3 days prior to your scheduled appointment. During this call, we ask a few questions about your travel history, symptoms and COVID exposure and testing if applicable. We also review details of your appointment to streamline our check in process. This phone call is considered your confirmation as we have disabled our automated text/email appointment reminders as part of our safety protocols.  
  • -     We are offering teledentistry or ”virtual consults” for patients who cannot or should not come into the office if they have been exposed or diagnosed with COVID-19. Learn more about this available service here: https://www.32dentalarts.com/virtual-consult.html
  • -     Only patients with appointments will be allowed in our office to minimize the number of people in our waiting area. Our office building has a large outdoor garden in the courtyard on the first floor that you are welcome to sit in if you arrive early for your appointment.
  • -     You are required to wear a mask to enter our building and office. We also ask that you bring your own pen to your appointment if you are able to. 
  • -     We ask that you call us when you arrive for your appointment so that we know you are at the office. We may not be free to screen you immediately, so feel free to wait in your car or the office courtyard until we call you once we are ready to receive you. We kindly ask that you do not come directly to our office without calling us first. A team member will greet you, ask screening questions, and take your temperature when you are in our office suite in case your answers have changed since our call. We will have a station at our entrance with hand sanitizers that we will ask you to use when you enter our office. 
  • -     Our waiting room does not offer magazines, children’s toys or books since these items are difficult to disinfect. We will make every effort to minimize paperwork in our office and conduct as much business as possible through our digital systems and by telephone. 
  • -     Our waiting room chairs are 6 feet apart. Tissues and no touch trash receptacles are available. 
  • -     We treat one patient at a time. Appointments are managed to allow for social distancing between patients and longer times to disinfect treatment rooms. 
  • -     We take pride in preparing our office for your arrival, so we ask that you review our reservation policy if you have to change your appointment.


What Makes Our Office Safe


Our unique office and building design lends itself to increased safety during the COVID pandemic. 


  • -     Our quiet garden area is a lovely space that allows for social distancing, should you arrive early for your appointment. 


  • -     Each of our individual and private treatment rooms has a door and walls to separate it from other areas to reduce aerosol distribution. That means once we have finished your treatment, we do not use that room again for a minimum of one hour to allow for adequate disinfecting. 


  • -     Our office design is well suited to allow for patient flow that reduces patient traffic within the office. We help maintain that by staggering appointment times as well. 


  • -     We have installed additional high-speed evacuation systems and other protocols to minimize aerosols. We will ask you to rinse with a specific mouthwash before your procedure. 


  • -     Our portable air purifiers with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are placed in our treatment rooms and waiting room areas to help reduce droplets in the rooms.  


  • -     We use a hospital grade and EPA registered disinfectant that is effective against coronaviruses as well as other viruses, bacteria and fungi. 


We have conducted updated training for all our staff and implemented additional measures to our Infection and Illness Prevention Plan. To make sure we can stay safe and healthy as your dental providers, we screen each team member and the doctor for COVID 19 symptoms and have their temperature taken at the start of each day. 


We closely monitor the activities of the CDC, OSHA, CDA and ADA so that we are up to date with any new rulings or guidance they may issue. We do this to make sure that our infection control procedures are current and adhere to each agencies’ recommendation. 


In the meantime, we welcome you to our practice!  We are fully dedicated to making your visits safe but fun and hope that our protocols put you at ease when you visit our practice. We are eager to help you achieve your dental goals and are excited to see you soon.